viernes, enero 13, 2006

To my Polish friends...


It’s been long since I committed myself to take some pictures from the Katyn Forest slaughter memorial we have in Baltimore. Actually, I never got a chance, it was either that I never passed by or that I didn’t have my camera with me. You don’t always hang around with your camera do you? Yesterday night was one of those weird days in when all the needed circumstances were met. Unwillingly, I’ll have to say. I brought my snapper cos I was meeting up with a whole bunch of guys from the office and at very end of the night I happened to walk for some miles till I got a cab. On my way back home I passed by the memorial and here you have the result. It was inaugurated in April 2,000.

For those non-Pole readers, although it should be up to the polish readers to explain what Katyn was, I will let them know that it was a mass execution carried out by the communist army of the USSR, the so affectionately called Red Army, once they invaded Poland alongside the Germans.
Poland is a country that has been abused, betrayed and humiliated by both her neighbours and the western powers that used her problems as an excuse to vindicate their foreign policies.
Poland was betrayed in 1,939 when Russia and Germany agreed on invading the country. Both the UK and France pretended they launched a war against Germany when the fact is that they never meant to fight it until they heard the chains of the tanks storming on the French soil. No voice was rose against Russia since it was too much to powerful, but another quick quarrel with Germany would prove very helpful putting in order the balance of powers in the European mainland. As the last cavalry charge in Europe saw the Polish horses facing a certain doom on the steel of the Wermacht tanks, France turned away, covered themselves behind the Matignon line and shamefully started not fighting what they called the “drole de guerre”
Poland was once again betrayed in 1,940, when the soviets slaughtered the officers, servicemen, civilians meaning the wipe out the whole Polish resistance. More than 20,00 Poles were summarily condemned to death, shot and buried in the woodlands of Russia. The allies, neglected to accuse his valuable Russian partner.
Poland was betrayed in 1,944, when the people of Warsaw up rose against the nazi occupier inviting the western countries to take over, since they thought they would be better off without the Russian liberation. The allies had already agreed on selling this bit of Europe to Russia, that would get back to the land they occupied in 1,939.
Poland was betrayed finally when no democracy was restored after the war. The country whose liberation was meant to be the main purpose of the war, found itself handed once again to the communists hordes who already knew where to find the pools of blood the poured all over.
Poland has been humiliated by France. The country that pretends invented Europe. Not just that they don’t reckon the historic debt they have with Poland, instead of welcoming onto the EU a country that is at the core of Europe, they scorn at them spreading the Polish plumber topic. They sneer at the Polish people and undermine the values they praise we all should be thankful to them for: equality and brotherhood.
Polish plumbers! Please! Come in! Along with your sisters…



Blogger Wujek Zdzisek z Ameryki said...

Hats off.
You know Polish history far better then I do.

I didn't know there is Katyń Memorial in Baltimore. When was it built?

15 enero, 2006 12:01  

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