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I bought my ticket at www.aa.con. I won't tell you how much it was. I'll be flying out to Kingston, the capital city in the south of the island. It happened that the action is more on the north,at least the touristic one... so I don't know about trying to get it changed to Montego Bay, probably not, cos that would mean an extra expense on my already screwed budget. The CapitalCity might offer a real taste of what the whole country looks like. I'll probably have to hire a car ang drive north. Good adventure...
I purchased my first book on www.amazon.com. I bought some stuff previously on www.amazon.co.uk, but that's the first one shipped in to Balto. BTW, much more profitable buyig on Amazon than on Lonely Planet, where they sale it at $20 + $5 delivery. The same guide, $16 + $3 delivery (5 business day, though, not fedex).
My only concern this far is figuring out what the re-entry on the country will be like. Hopefully nothing happens. Given my fortune, the friendly DHS officer will find seeds or entire bushes on my bag... On the inbound flight, I' ll connect in Miami and crash at Hector's. Let's hope this night out in Miami is not the besto one of the week and everything runs decently Ok from FL and beyond... help us God...
Btw, i just found out Baltimore and Kingston are just 7' away from eache other on the same meridian. If you fly non-stop from BWI to KIN, you follow a nearly perfect straight line tracking lattitude 76º47'W: BWI: N 76°40' and KIN: 76°47'15"W. A bit further south, I´d get to Lima, which, amazingly, is on the same meridian (LIM: 77°06'W)


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