lunes, octubre 03, 2005


That lasta weekend I got to Boston. The original idea was doing a bit of shark fishing. Unfortunatly and very regretably, one of the pals had to jump on a flight and head to Barcelona. His dad, sick from a terrible cancer that has spread from the lungs to the brain, hiting on his way the liver and other organs, has entered what appears to be the final stage. Nobody dares to ask when will he be coming back,... if he does...
Our deepest and most sincere prays go to his family as to him, and we ask our Lord to bring them some confort. May the Guadalupe Virgin intercede in the presence of the Father.
What happened is that we had to cancel the fishing since Dani was the only one familiar not only with the offshore fishing ceremony but with the most straightforward way of holding a fishing rod.
We met in Boston one of our colleagues who is transfering to San Fran. She' s got a Mini and does not want to drive it all the way to the west coast (3,111 miles or 5,102 kms). It seemed a pretty cool ride and taken by a suden emotion we offered ourselves to drive the car. We' d pay for the flight from BWI to BOS and for any incidental lodging. She'd pay for the petrol, the tolls and the flight back from SFran to Balto. Once back home I realised that' d very tyring. It would not be really worthy. Once in SFran I don't really know how funny it'd be and doing it on my own implies that the only enjoyable bit would be the driving itself and the final result, the coast to coast driving (I just found out that the shortest way would be through Canada, from Niagara Falls in NY to Windsor-Detroit. We would have got on I-80 at Scranton, PA and then all the way to the west through Cleveland, Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha,... Salt Like, the very top of Nevada, Reno and finally getting to SFran). Was I calling at Vegas or driving withe some more pleasant company than myself... I would certainly go crazy after all those hours of thinking and reconsidering my life...
So that's it. I won't do it.
But there are some days off that I have to take in within the next few weeks. I did some research and found flights to DF for around $350. Considering what I paid for the flight to Boston, I think it's reall worthy. I just gotta solve the hoteling and figuring out something cool to do in DF. All that passes, as always, by having someone taking me out and, in the best case, offering me his/her hospitality... I just shot an email to Eugenia... hopefully we draw somthing good... a bit of sightviewing, a bit of hanging... a bit mexican taste (a lot of it!!!), another stamp on the passport (f****** canadians didn't do it... Vive le Quebec libre!!!!) let's see what happens...


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