martes, octubre 04, 2005


I got it.
I'll be flying out from IAD and calling at Charlotte, NC. I'll get to DF at around 12.30 on October 12th, Dia del Descubrimiento. It'd be great finding out whether there is any special event or celebration scheduled out in the city.
I'll fly back on Monday, October 17th to IAD.
Non-stop, just in case any friendly and helpful DHS official decides that I should be retained for some hours... which saw what happened out in Canada (Vive le Quebec libre!!) would be the smallest of the problems. Should I consider not to travel?... Well... I already did... but what...? if I don't extend, or if I don't do the panamerican... how likely is that I' ll be heading back to Madrid without having been to Mexico? If I have to wait for those guys to set up a trip to Mexico I' d never be going... so, that's it,... and if on Monday there is somebody waiting for anything he can fuck himself... full stop...
But it's gonna be really important lining up the long weekend... we gottat make it profitable...
¡¡Eugenia sácame de paseo!! Que yo te invité al béisbol coño...


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