viernes, septiembre 30, 2005


I was surfing the net and I just learnt what the colours of the mexican flag mean. I knew the eagle and the snake represent somthing kind of aztec. But no clue about the colours. In fact, never thougt they really meant anything. But I found what you´ll find
on the picture top of the posting.

You won´t be wrong if you guess that what shocked me the most was what the red strip apparently means. The Independence movement, as in many other countries, was triggered by the descendents of the late settlers coming from the metropoli. That is why all american countries, from Canada to Argentina are really similar to their former colonists languagewise, religionwise and so on... (just Haiti was founded from the insurection of the slaves brought out by french colonists who were subsequently kicked out).
Us, Spaniards, keep tight historic bonds with Mexico (amongst others)... deffinitly it should be a must for all of us visiting, at least, Mexico once in our lifes. The fact that nowadays both countries are turned towards their most immediate trade and political partners (the US for Mexico and Cuba and Morocco for Spain) should not deter us from experiencing and discovering what, certainly for good, is part of our history and ourselfs as individuals...
It just comes to my mind how great was getting, while in Cancun, to those haciendas serving communal meals with all those mariachis playing all over the canteen... it´s sad, but besides that lunch that we had somewhere in downtown Cancun, it was the most authentic taste we got from the Real Mexico.
Hopefully, with the help of God that inspired the white strip of the flag, everything will work Ok and we´ll be able to enjoy and for ever remember the journey.
Help us Almightly God.


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