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About the recent professional problem (she was basically forced to take unpaid leave, meaning that she was sacked) a check-in worker, Nadia Eweida, from BA got at London’s Heathrow by refusing to take off a crucifx she was wearing, that is all I have to say.

On this post here, I got to talk about the fear the stupid European politicians got trapped on. And along with them, most of the public, or published opinion, to whom all of us unfortunatlly belong and somehow influence. Or maybe quite the opposite, it’s us who fear, and are not ready, not that not to fight, but simply to defend ourselves. We then need the media to cool it all down and hit on our Judeo-Christian culture on our own behalf and with our tacit agreement, just because we look at ourselves, and go to say:

“Ok man… it’s Ok…I’ ll get the crucifix taken-off… besides… it’s a granny think that crucifix-wearing thing, iinit… so c’mon fella… take it-off,… look at those towel-heads… you don’t wanna bother those guys, do you? And look at them with those burkas… you wanna have them taking them off don’ you? So… shouldn’t you get rid of that stupid cross hanging on your neck? It’s bloody tinny!!!”

That is our attitude and is pretty much the battle we ask the media to fight for us.
Is it their own fault or we delegated this attitude on them?
So it’s getting off our reach now. It got to a point in where we have the lads not just appeasing them by keeping us off, but they are doing their job, grabbing battlefield from our homes and handing it over to them. We have our own guys depriving us of our, which is their essence as community.
By a time the Church of England is nearly as papist as RC’s, we get BA, an airline that travels as much as three crosses on their planes’ tag numbers all over the world, to sack one of his employees for wearing a crucifix on a neck-lace. But it’s not maybe their fault. Someone really white, somehow baptized (any rite can make it), who probably got a religious wedding, is now hitting the neck of a woman about the age of his own grand mother in order to have her rid of her crucifix.
And by them, we have all those Muslim baggage-handlers and air-catering-workers grinning to death at the BA guy, his granma and at the whole lot of us European pussies…

I’ m not gonna donate my BA miles since it took a good pile of flight getting them all and I really feel like I wanna get somewhere with them.
I’ m not gonna stop flying BA cos it’s pretty much the only airline that takes me to NYC for a reasonable price to NY and London.
All simply reduce my moaning to this picture here below that I took at Heathrow’s T4 and to this post, trying to bring some self-criticism to our daily behaviour. It is not by denying ourselves, our own identity, that we will get to leave alongside Muslims in Europe. It’s no about being a Christian phanatic pushing for martyrdom, neither about stop mocking our mums if they keep on going to Church all Sundays (mine does daily here in Spain), but neither about surrendering our identity as Judeo-Christians human beings who play football, drink alcohol, eat pork, smoke and try to shag as much as possible.

There's been a website put together about all that: go and visit BABoycott.


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hola pues como no entendi ni papa de lo publicado me reservo mi opinion y Mejor cuAndo lo tRaduzca te la doy aunque mas o menos entendI algo saLUdos

24 noviembre, 2006 12:58  

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