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Hotel World Trade Center Moscow - Crowne Plaza. ¡¡¡No vayáis!!! ¡¡Don't go!!

Se iba a venir una amiga a Moscú un fin de semana, ya tenía el billete de avión, y, ahora, por la incompetencia, la falta de profesionalidad, la mentira contínua y desvergonzada de sus empleados... por todo eso, igual hay que cancelar el viaje.
Adjunto la crítica que hice del hote en http://www.tripadvisor.com/

Review on the World Trade Center Hotel Crowne Plaza in Moscow.

Find below my critics / review to this crap hotel that dares charging you 350 pppn and will not even give you a internet connection card and will throw their bouncers at you if you go complayning on your 50 th min on the checking-out line and about to miss your flight.

Incredibly bad service. Not just that is not worthy what you pay, but you should get get paid instead. Trainees, non-english speaking, amateurs, young thugs,... this is an everyday at the fron desk.I was in for 3 weeks in a row and:
- kept on searching my laptop bag at least 2 days per week (I dress corporate suit).
- ordered to the r.service a sandwich club 3 different times and got raw bacon, cold bread, butter crouttons, unsliced ham... and had to accept the waiter saying "this is russian sandwich club"!
- Business ctr shuts dwn by 8.30pm, and beign the only spot you can get a wifi card at, you are fried if you dont make it ontime due to traffic.
- you might consider calling th FtDsk for them to buy it for you, but they ll pretend they they understood just to get rid of you and guess it, yes, you ll get NOTHING.
- they hardly speak any english
- it might take you as much as 1hr checking out on friday mornings. Primarily due to those rookie trainees who ll keeo on saying the "system is down" although their Mgr, is checking out on the nearby comp.
- they will also send somebody to check ur minibar prior to check out, meaning u need getting clearance from the bouncer before they check you out. not matter they have ur cdt. cd #. they ll keep on saying the system is down and dont care whether the line is 20 people long.- they pretend they dont visa support (they charge 350 pppn, full of business people!!!), so probaly "the system was down". No matter vouchers are done manually... so keep on lying to customers just not to have to talk to them...


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