martes, septiembre 27, 2005


Setting: DC's Grill and Bar @ the Wisp Ski Resort,Western Maryland
Cast of Characters: RM, associate from NJ working in the Baltimore office; MMcT, Sr. Associate from MD; DG.
Not much we could chat about. And, apparently, I was the one supposed to make it a "bearable" night since there was no game on the telly. No way I was gonna start shiting somebody and, even 1.5 later, my american football conversation is considerably poor... so I shared some of our initials plans with the kids. I know they like it.
There is always a mix of envy, scorn and curiosity when I mention my travelling. Envy since it brings out the easy position I am at. What you want... I mean... if I'm getting back, I'm getting back... no way I'm gonna feel guilty about it bro... You want some XXXX-sponsored holidays?... All rit... put ur ass on a plane and get urself somewhere... Scorn because of whatever. Curiosity as an extension of the never ending feeling our presence implies and brings to wherever we go. I would have guesed I should already be done with it... I mean... the fact that I travel should not be such an amazing experience, at least 1.5 years later... since the fact that I came out to the US, already represents, by itslef, some travelling... but anyway... that is the way it is...
Comments were interesting. MMcT was shocked. He' s a good guy, and certainly does not give a shit about what we do or what we do not do. But we had to keep on talking... He could not stop some sights pulling out from his mouth. It can be easily summarised as follows: "they' re gonna kill you... you don' t know where you are going... there is nothing over there... they have no runnig water, no medicines... if you get ill no way you can get any assistance... no infrastructures, they rarely pave their highways... and your car... that's worth the wage of 10 years over there... you'll be shot at for it..."
RM was a bit more cautious. There was a bit of everything on his face. A huge desire to experience a bit of adventure above all. We agreed on something. DG should plan really well in advance some essential aspects of the journey. It makes full sense although it is not likely to become the distinctive style of our drifting... What follows is illustrative as well: "You neglect a lot of things... you don't really know what it's like overthere... you might think that it is like the US and... well like Europe.... but it is not..." some seconds elapsed in between the "and" and the "well" I' d say they cannot help it... and we will consider it a gentle and well intentioned rectification.
And please, remember, Moonshine, not Moonwalk, is a home made beverage brewed illegaly and not for sale on liquor stores.


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